The Story So Far...

You can take Steve Deal out of Cootamundra but you can't take Cootamundra out of Steve Deal. He's a country boy through and through and was raised listening to Glenn Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Neil Young, Bread and then got hooked on Cold Chisel. Steve says "I remember sitting by the giant stereo we had listening to 2LF and 2wg radio taping songs I liked...old school piracy! I remember hearing the intro to 'Forever Now' by Cold Chisel and immediately becoming hooked on Chisel and Barnsey. I purchased every record they made and at 15, decided I wanted to be a musician."

At 18, Steve took off, hitchhiking across America. When he was in a little town in Idaho, sitting by the Snake River in his tent, he began to write songs with a guitar he picked up along the way and it was all over after that. Writing songs became the love of his life back then and now, along with God and family, remains his passionate pursuit.

By 21, Steve was playing every week and later moved to the deep south of America, Georgia and North Carolina and worked as a music director, songwriter, musician, producer and even a stint as a preacher! It was in Asheville, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, that he discovered country music and fell in love with it. Artists like Keith Urban, Eric Church, Dierks Bentley and more have greatly influenced Steve's music over the last 6 or 7 years and when Steve and his family decided it was time to come back home to Oz, he decided to channel all his musical energy into creating something he could be proud of and completed his debut country album 'Four Rivers'.

Steve writes about life, love, rivers, trains, crooks, places, people and if you ask any of his friends, they'll tell you he loves to spin a good yarn and that hasn't changed a bit when it comes to telling stories in song. Some people call his music country, some say it's alternative country, some just shout yeeeha when they hear it and some say it's not country enough but he doesn't care what label people put on it, he doesn't care too much for the boxes people like to put you in, he just makes music that comes from the heart and he does it bloody well.